Blogosaurs are dinosaurs that own and/or moderate them with posts. Dinosaurs with blue badges, on their player cards, with B's in the middle of them, are considered "blogosaurs." Blogosaurs test on

  • A private testing forum
  • A private test site

There are diffrent types of Blogosaurs-

Owners/Blog Owners-

Blog owners obviously own a blog. They usually use wordpress or blogspot, or create their own website. They usually have authors working on their blogs, and they post new things heard on Webosaurs. Most blog owners get their feedback from the Webosaurs Blog, or, OR from Rex, the lead mod. (Or Flyboy, the creator, but mostly Rex.)


Authors post on blogs, mostly about things they hear on the whole Webosaurs site. Now, the owners of blogs have the ability to change the theme or anything they want. Some authors can be that, too. They call them administrators, or admins for short. They also have the ability to change anything on the blog, so they are like the Co-Leader of the blog.

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